Obelisk ( Prague Castle )

The obelisk at Prague Castle is a granite monolith and World War I memorial designed by Jože Plečnik, installed at Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic. It stands 16 meters high. It is located in the Third Castle Courtyard.The obelisk was donated by Tomáš Garrigue MasarykIt was erected in late 1928 to mark the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the First Czechoslovak RepublicThe obelisk was originally to have been much larger, but while it was being transported to its intended location in 1928, it broke in two, and only part could be salvaged.

Battle of White Mountain

The Battle of White Mountain was an important battle in the early stages of the Thirty Years’ War. It was fought on 8 November 1620. An army of 15,000 Bohemians and mercenaries under Christian of Anhalt was defeated by 27,000 men of the combined armies of Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor led by Charles Bonaventure de Longueval, Count of Bucquoy and the German Catholic League under Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly at Bílá Hora (“White Mountain”) near Prague. The battle marked the end of the Bohemian period of the Thirty Years’ War and decisively influenced the fate of the Czech landsfor the next 300 years.