The hotel’s cable car NH Praha

It connects two hotel buildings over the public part of Mrázovka Park, the lower one of which is located at the junction of Duškova and Mozartova Street and the upper part of the Sokol area on Mrázovka Hill. The track is 156 meters long. The elevation is 51 meters (205-256 meters above sea level). Maximum conveying speed is 2.5 m / s (9 km / h), driving time 90 seconds. A single cab with a capacity of 12 people runs along the steel beam. It is self-service by passengers, just like ordinary lifts. The device was designed by the Austrian manufacturer of lifts and lifts Doppelmayr.


Quarry Velká Amerika („Great America“)

Great America is a limestone quarry on the territory of the municipality of Mořina in the district of Beroun in the Czech Republic in the Protected Landscape Area of ​​Český kras. It is the largest of the group of local quarries. The size of the quarry is about 750 × 150 meters. The depth of the quarry is between 67 and 80 m. The bottom is at an altitude of 322 m (6th mining floor), with no other fracture in the group reaching this floor. Up to an altitude of 335 m (5th mining floor, west half of the bottom of the quarry), the quarry is flooded with a free-flowing lake. The quarry forms an impressive canyon and is a popular tourist destination. There were recorded Czech films, such as The Journey to the Southwest (1989), Limonádový Joe, Little Mermaid, Micimutr and others.