Quarry Velká Amerika („Great America“)

Great America is a limestone quarry on the territory of the municipality of Mořina in the district of Beroun in the Czech Republic in the Protected Landscape Area of ​​Český kras. It is the largest of the group of local quarries. The size of the quarry is about 750 × 150 meters. The depth of the quarry is between 67 and 80 m. The bottom is at an altitude of 322 m (6th mining floor), with no other fracture in the group reaching this floor. Up to an altitude of 335 m (5th mining floor, west half of the bottom of the quarry), the quarry is flooded with a free-flowing lake. The quarry forms an impressive canyon and is a popular tourist destination. There were recorded Czech films, such as The Journey to the Southwest (1989), Limonádový Joe, Little Mermaid, Micimutr and others.